Emily Goodaker Carn Brea Ring

Cast silver, double sided detail © James Mann 2013

The ‘Carn Brea Ring’, has taken direct inspiration from a gold coin in the Royal Cornwall Museum, Emily was lucky to work with the conservators at the Royal Cornwall museum to take a cast of the original gold coin. The Gold Stater coin, found in Carn Brea during 1749, is a significant piece to the Royal Cornwall’s collection. Dating back to 54BC, it is said to have funded British battles against Julia Caesar. Emily was particularly drawn to the gold coin, because of the detailed marks and illustrations. Said to be a horse with zigzag patterns, they depict the currency of the age. The journey behind the coin and its placement in the Royal Cornwall museum’s collection has been of great interest. Cast in silver and fragmenting its form, the stater coins details are visible on both the front and reverse of the ring, adding a narrative to the coins discovery and its Cornish history.