Spots, Dots & Stripes 

Peppermint stripe, Dalmatian gold & Polka-dot rose

   © Dominic Tschudin 2015


A Vibrant trio of mineral inspired jewellery- dalmatian jasper, polka-dot agate and minty zoisite. Displaying unique palettes of raw stone, which have been diamond sliced, accurately machine milled and hand embellished with silver or gold inlay. These processes enhance the natural characteristics of  individual stones, appropriatley highlighing their spots, dots and stripes within the context of each collection. 


DALMATIAN GOLD - Enhancing the spots of the dalmatian jasper stone with gold, being playful with pattern and repeat  (Left: sliced Dalmatian jasper, electroformed spot earring, gold plated silver triangle ear plate. Top right: milled silver ring, with gold plated spots. Bottom right: ring, clear enamel, fine gold leaf, dalmatian print enamel transfer) 

POLKA-DOT ROSE-  A dotty rose gold collection, milled polka-dot agate with silver and rose gold plating inlay, picking out the natural characteristics of the mineral (Top left: milled silver ring with rose gold plating indents. Bottom left: Clear enamel ring with polka-dot agate image transfer around the band of the ring. Right: Polka-dot agate stone, circular diamond core cut, cnc milled and inlay with fine silver, attached to a rose gold plated silver ear piece which is intended to sit at the back of the ear)

PEPPERMINT STRIPE-  Adding stripes to the cool minty Zoisite stone (Top left: peppermint stripe earrings, slicing, milling and inlaying fine silver in to the mineral. Bottom right: Milled silver rings, centre ring with mint-enamelled stripes. Right: Paper play, laser cut paper)